The ORUDAY are pre-assembled and pre-wired batching plants.

imer mixer / Friday, August 31st, 2018

They are transportable by normal transport systems and are designed to reduce the time and space for the installation.
The mixing, according with the model, takes place in planetary mixers or twin shaft mixers.
The range includes models with production capacities from 60 to 130 m3/h.

ORUDAY can be equipped with different kinds of aggregates storage unit, for maximum versatility and adaptability:

ORU CUBE (CUBE-B with 2 bins, 3 or 4 aggregates)
ORU LOGIK (LOGIK-B with 3-4-5-6 bins, LOGIK-L with 3-4-5 bins)
ORU ROME (ROME CZ with 2-3-4-5-6-7-8 bins)

The ORU DAY MS mixing group is composed of:

A frame made of heavy-duty steel beams which together with the rails for the skip, the electrical panel booth, the mixer and the water and cement weighing hoppers form a single monobloc.
The skip with a particular geometry fitted with deflectors that allow a large area for admitting the aggregates. These deflectors in turn close when the skip rises preventing the material from falling out. Unloading takes place in the lower part of the skip through a simple tilting hatch: during this stage the skip is in the vertical position, allowing quick and complete unloading also in the presence of compact and wet materials without leaving remains inside.
The cement weighing hopper and the water weighing hopper rest on a support structure hinged to the front part of the mixing group.
ORU MS 1500/1000 Planetary Mixer.
Control panel installed in a cabin.


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